Welcome to Target Advertising & Events
Your premier mobile digital billboard business revolutionizing the way you advertise and market your brand. With our innovative approach, we bring your message to life on the big screen, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

About Us

Target Advertising and Events is a prominent mobile digital LED billboard business specializing in captivating roadside advertising. Established in 2015, we are a locally owned and operated Central Queensland business dedicated to helping clients reach their target audience effectively.

With our fleet of high-resolution LED billboards mounted on trailers, we have the power to bring your message to over 70,000 vehicles daily, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. Our strategic locations and expert team ensure that your advertisement will be seen by thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.


Digital Billboards are a fantastic way to capture the attention of your target audience while they are on the move. They can attract attention to your business brand, service, product or event.

Placed in prominent locations, reach up to 70,000 vehicles daily, with easily changed content display. 

Take your advertising to locations where you know your potential customers will be. We have regular advertising packages available, so book now.


From Children’s Parties to Wedding Anniversaries and Sporting Events, hiring an Outdoor LED Screen can turn a small gathering into treasured lifelong memories and a large gathering into an epic celebration.

No matter what your occasion, everything is better on the Big Screen. Screens are easy to operate and can be connected to a sound system. Target Events can deliver, set up and collect your screen.